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Consider this your official invitations to #allthethings

Friend! It has been awhile! So many fun invitations have come down the pipe lately that I had to share with you in hopes that you will join me on some of them or HECK - ALL of them - LOL! I don't know about you - but I am really enjoying the clarity people are having after quarantine - the learning and connecting opportunities they are creating. Here are some of my favorites and ways for you to learn more if any of these resonate with you. 

Invitation #1 - THIS IS READY NOW! I felt called to have a special offer for the Class of 2021!How helpful would it have been to know how you are designed to handle stress, pressure, identity, your sense of self, your life's purpose, how people perceive you, your strengths, and wisdoms?  Do you have a graduate (I do!!)? Do you know one you would like to give a special gift to? I have just the thing! I am offering my 1 hour Lighthouse Guidance Session that will dive into how they are DESIGNED to launch into the world for a discount - $121 instead of $222 for these insights. Click here to schedule or gift one to a graduate you know! Use Code 2021 at check out. 


Invitation #2 - Art of the Chart - Start Date: Fall 2021 - This is an amazing course creation from my friend and Human Design mentor - Kris Prochaska. She is a Generator on a mission to help other Generator Types master their energy - this will have a tremendous impact on the world since Generators make up about 75% of the population. She is an artist and credentialed psychologist and is bringing a holistic, heart centered, and right brained approach to Human Design. If you are called to share Design with your people or your clients this course will give you such a beautiful approach to fully see and appreciate the gifts that your people are bringing to you. Click here to learn more (and get on the wait list). I will be in this because I have a lot of INFO about Human Design but am super excited about this wholehearted approach to Human Design. 

Invitation #3 - Be The Change Supportive Community - START DATE - June 1st -  I am REALLY excited about this invitation since it has been percolating for over a year. After spending a weekend in the flesh with my two soul sisters (who are actually sisters) we decided that NOW is the time to offer this supportive and AFFORDABLE community. Be The Change will be a space where we meet you where you are and help YOU step into your Highest Calling - with practical Life Coaching Steps (provided by Gwen), Human Design insights so you can learn how to listen to your body and soul when taking those aligned action steps (provided by yours truly), and then Mae is closing out our support with hypnotherapy that will access the subconscious mind (where most self sabotage takes place) so you can be clear and free and READY to step into a life you love! This is for people who are ready for change but are not quite sure where to start or how to start without giving up on yourself along the way. WE'VE GOT YOU! Sign up here to be in the know (we have a VERY special offer for those who do). 

Invitation #4 - Sacral Warrior Community - Start Date WHENEVER YOU ARE READY!  - Remember Kris Prochaska that I mentioned in Invitation #1??? Well - I have another invite to extend if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator type or know someone who is. Kris has created an amazing community JUST FOR YOU and she is offering entry to this sacred community for only $9. Inside this group you will have access to her previous content (which is PURE GOLD) plus 2 interactive zoom calls to ask your questions about refining your Generator experience. Not to mention - connecting with other amazing humans who are ready to really OWN their brilliance and energy. Kris has invited me to be a part of this community even though I am a Projector - but that was intentional - I am here to guide and direct Generator types and I have specific insight into your energy - so we all get to play together in this space! If you would like to learn more  - click here

If you have ANY questions about any of these - let me know! I am here for you! Questions are my favorite! Sending this with SO MUCH LOVE!!! 







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