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Cleanse disclaimer: Before I jump into the nitty gritty of how to best support the lungs and large intestine. I want to address how important it is to have a COLON that is functioning and healthy. As we support these different organs and begin to cleanse them, they will be releasing toxins into the system…you do NOT want them to be STUCK in your body. So get the plumbing working well before you start on anything else. There are MANY colon supporting products that YL offers: The Cleansing Trio (ICP ComforTone and Essentialzyme) Digest & Cleanse, Life 9, Essentialzymes 4, and Detoxyme to name a few.  Ok…detox disclaimer out of the way….moving on. 

How many people do you know who are coughing right now? I am raising both hands. I had personal interest in this research. I am praying this is as helpful to you as it was to me. I am loving the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach because it takes into account the entire person: body, mind, and spirit. The autumn season is prime time for the lungs and large intestine, meaning that it is most important to take care of these organs and to be aware of their primary emotions…which just happens to be grief and self confidence. Dive in with me to learn #allthethings about the lungs and large intestine.

The lungs, large intestine, grief and immunity are all connected (many TCM practitioners also link the skin here as well). The things that affect the lungs also affect the large intestine. Often times when you are congested you will also find that you can get constipated. Once your congestion clears and your breathing (your spirit, your life) begins moving more freely often times your bowels will correct themselves and your immune system will bounce back. The lungs, skin, and the large intestines have the same primary function which is to keep that which will serve the body (oxygen/nutrients) and eliminate that which will not (carbon monoxide/waste).

Spiritual/Energetic Support to the Lungs:

The Lungs are found in the Heart and Solar Plexus Energy Centers. A healthy heart center gives and receives love in a healthy way. The Solar Plexus is our seat of personal power. You are able to have healthy boundaries and a healthy connection with yourself when your solar plexus is in balance. Bringing awareness to the lungs in all aspects is highly recommended. Since lungs physically control our breathe it is essential to be intentional about taking deep, restorative, intentional breaths. Oxygen is necessary for every function of the body and it is a vital part of keeping energy and vitality flowing freely in the body.

Emotional Support to the Lungs:  

Grief is the core emotion that can affect the lungs (and the whole body) in a negative way. Repressed or unexpressed grief in particular. Because grief is a part of every human experience, It is helpful for us to learn about grief and then move through it in as healthy a way as possible. It is important that we feel it, make our peace with it and let it go. Start by analyzing how you are feeling. Second, do NOT judge the emotions you are feeling. Feel what you are feeling. Your feelings are valid. Because grief is the focus here we often slip into “comparative suffering” judging what we are feeling and comparing it to other people’s suffering. We do ourselves a huge disservice and prolong our pain. Try to step outside of the feeling, observe it, and let it go, and please do not forget to be kind to yourself in the process. Grief is almost always complicated. Some people love the information presented in the “Stages of Grief” developed by Ross & Kessler and some people don’t. I like to at least explain the stages so that when you are in the thick of it, you can know that these wide and varied ranges of emotions are normal. Before I get into the different stages I have a couple of things to say: when you find yourself experiencing loss (this does NOT have to be a loss of life…it can be a loss of a job, a friendship, ANYTHING) please be SOOOO kind to yourself. Adding shame to grief is not the best choice for you. Understand that grief can be a validation of the love you felt.

Stages of Grief

  1. Normal Functioning – This is the step before the loss is experienced
  2. Shock & Denial – Take each day as it comes. When there is a loss, you have to reorient yourself. Tears cleanse the soul (and the body from cortisol) so cry all the tears!
  3. Anger (Shame, Frustration, Anxiety, Irritation, Embarrassment) – All of these emotions are strong and normal when in the middle of loss. It is actually easier to be angry than it is to be sad. It would be wise to find a creative outlet for these heavy and hard emotions (anger = exercise, anxiety = yoga).
  4. Depression & Detachment -this is a necessary step along the way and an appropriate response when you experience loss. Be kind to yourself and reach out to a trusted friend who will love you through this stage and check on you as you move through this. 
  5. Dialoguing & Bargaining – this stage requires you to show yourself grace, especially if you believe you could have done something to prevent the loss. This is a burden you are not intended to carry my friend. Dialogue with that trusted friend and release that burden.
  6. Accepting/Testing/New Normal – As you begin to test this new life you can have times of guilt or doubt. Understand that this is a beautiful opportunity of change and growth. Listen to what you need and understand that you had to go through the other steps to get here.

**These steps are not linear…you can hop around them at any time. Something can trigger you and put you back into this cycle. This is normal. Remember…grace and kindness.**

Physical Support to the Lungs:

Foods that support lung health:

Clear foods such as radish, mushrooms, asian pears, and white fish, onions, miso, navy beans, soy beans, cucumber, banana, eggs.  

Sprouted grains and seeds

Marshmallow and Mullein Teas

Foods to avoid: dairy – likely to cause congestion

Deep breathing exercises are very beneficial, especially if you choose to picture white light (the color that best supports the lungs) and love (the opposite of grief and sadness)

Exercise to sweat out the toxins

Massage is a healthy choice and can help to move emotions and stiffness (often caused by emotion) throughout the body.

Acupuncture can really help to get energy moving through the body as well.

YL Essential Oils that best support the lungs: RC, Eucalyptus G & R, Raven, Ravintsara, Peppermint, Myrtle, Joy, Thieves

Affirmations/Scripture: I love life, I choose life, I am filled with joy. The Spirit of God has made me and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Supplements to Support the Lungs:  Ningxia Red

Additional Suggestion: I am compelled to share with you how amazing the Aroma Dome and the Aroma Lux diffuser are. You can provide TARGETED and CONCENTRATED support to your lungs with even a couple of minutes inside this aromatic tent. However, this is WAY more than respiratory support. You can use these to address anything and everything, including emotional, energetic, and spiritual concerns.

Order an Aroma Dome here

Prime Support Time: 3-5AM This is the time that the lungs have the most energy. This is usually the time that you will wake up and start coughing. That is because they are ready to start working to get phlegm out of the body.


Large Intestine 

Emotional/Energetic Support to the Large Intestine:

The large intestine can be found in the root chakra. An imbalance here can result in the fear of letting go, holding onto the past, and affect your core beliefs about self. When your bowels are stuck it is often times a symbol that you cannot “let go” of something. This can be physical or emotional so it is important to consider both sides when supporting the large intestine.

Just as autumn is a time of shedding those things that are no longer useful this same function happens in the body.  To restore balance action must be taken to unblock stagnation, increase flexibility, movement and embrace change.

Physical Support for the Large Intestine:

The majority of the immune system is found in the gut. Immune-boosting foods such as garlic, ginger and lemon are highly recommended. Also,  never underestimate the power of chicken noodle soup or bone broths.

Good food nourishes the body and the soul: eat seasonal, natural, unprocessed and organic fresh fruits, vegetables and grains—Foods that disperse energy throughout the body and promote good circulation. In the fall our diet needs to change to reflect the change in nature.

It is best to eat:

  • Spicy foods to combat the cold, and dampness
  • Cooked Foods – more soups and stews – fewer salads and smoothies
  • Seasonal vegetables – roasted or steamed (not raw)
  • Grains: Quinoa, long grain white and brown rice
  • Warm Beverages – ginger tea is good both for the lungs and the digestion

Young Living Essential Oils that best support the large intestine: Digize, TummyGize, Copaiba, Peppermint, Release, Present Time, Highest Potential, Believe. 

Affirmations/Scripture: I let go of fear, guilt, anger, and shame. I live fully in the present moment. For God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. Forget the former things, I will not dwell on the past. See! I am doing a new thing!

Supplements: ComforTone, Life 9, ICP, Digest & Cleanse, Essentialzyme, Essentialzyme 4, Detoxyme, Sulfurzyme, Ningxia Red

Prime Targeted Support Time: 5-7AM

In conclusion, this was a difficult topic to work through because I had to acknowledge that I was in a cycle of grieving, cleansing, and transforming. Once I took a step back and really observed every aspect of my wellness it became a powerful practice of getting to know myself and my God better. I pray this does the same for you. Don’t wait until you are knocked down to pay attention to your well being. Prevention is worth a pound of cure…so “they” say…whoever they are. 


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