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An Update & My Latest Learning Adventure!

Hi Friend! It's been a hot minute since I have shared here. So much has happened! Here are the highlights! 

My oldest daughter finished her first year of college as a student athlete! It was weird not going to all of her track meets since she travelled all over Southern California but I got to some and was so proud. Here she is with her "Louis Baton". She also decided on a graphic design major but also really enjoyed psychology. We had some really fun conversations while she was going through her coursework. 

Bella just finished track also (while also doing soccer at the same time) and crushed BOTH! Her 4x400 team got first place in their division at CIF Finals and her soccer team won their division as well and are headed to Colorado her the National Championship Tournament! It should be really interesting bringing a team of sea level So Cal teenagers to the Mile High City to play soccer. LOL Also - the doors open for conversations with coaches for possible soccer scholarships on June 15th! Such an exciting time! 

I am doing my best to keep my boys alive and thriving. An honest challenge these days. Corban just cracked his teeth on the sidewalk so there's that. LOL We also just activated Military One Source for some additional support. They really miss their daddy and so do I. We are about to finish our second year of our hybrid homeschool program. The boys are loving reading - which makes my heart so happy and they are walking "fun factories" about all sorts of things - they will be excellent Trivia players in a couple of years. LOL 

And that leads me to my update! Well - I will tell you that me and my family getting the vid last fall changed everything for me. That horrible virus not only makes you sick as a dog but it also zaps all the GOOD bacteria in your body as well. The bacteria that governs your immune system and mental wellness (feel good neurotransmitters) are found in the gut and my gut got JACKED by the virus and the attack I waged against it. LOL. I won the battle but not really the war. My brain took a massive HIT (I learned first hand just how important gut health is) and I then had to go on the offense and flood my body with supplements that would lower my brain inflammation and repair the lining of my gut. I immediately started super dosing on brain supporting vitamins and minerals like quercetin, selenium, and magnesium. I drank bone broth like candy. And a dear friend overnighted me supplements that would replace the the bacteria in my gut. Within a week my brain inflammation decreased and all of my symptoms (processing delays, visual impairments, paranoia, anxiety, night terrors) resolved. I was only left with my short term memory loss (think Dory) which eventually resolved about 3 months later. 

Well - I fell in love with those supplements. After experiencing the benefits of flooding the body with good bacteria, and supporting the brain with nootropics, I realized this was the missing piece of my wellness toolbox of not only supporting the systems in the body but also calming my nervous system from the inside out. I am experiencing more stress resilience, an ability to zoom out from my triggers, better sleep, curbed cravings, and so much more. This is a perfect compliment to my love of Human Design - which shows you how to step into your highest expression - and these products allow for the unlearning of unhealthy habits while making room to create the new so you actually can. 

Consider this your invitation to take a look for yourself. Right now you can grab them at an amazing discount (if you are reading this after May 31st shoot me a message and I will let you know if there are any coupon codes for you). 

Here is the Happy Mind Pack  (Info Sheet)

I am running a Manage Your Mood+ Journey where we are focusing on calming the nervous system (especially supportive if you have experienced trauma) 

If you would like to learn more this is my all time favorite resource

If you are as passionate about spreading the hope of Mental Wellness as I am - consider diving in with me. This is a business invitation and wise investment

If you'd like to chat about any of these things I shared schedule your 15 min call with me here. Questions are my favorite. 

Thank you for walking with me on this journey called life. I am excited to share even more of what I have learned in upcoming posts. 





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