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And It Was Good - A Look at God's Creation: Crystals

“I’m on a mission from God” - Blues Brothers

No, seriously though, I do feel like I’m on a mission from the Creator Himself to bring the beauty and wonder of HIs Creation - which He Himself called “good” back Us - which He called  “very good”. I am particularly speaking to people who were raised with a Conservative Christian worldview, since most of us grew up with a healthy fear of anything that could be categorized as “New Age”. Friends - I’m here to tell you that crystals are about as OLD AGE as you can get! LOL! This is not going to be a conversation about how old our earth is - nope - not going there. LOL! This is going to be a gathering of some fun factoids I have picked up along the way that I pray will be read and considered. 

First off, when you read about how crystals are formed and created you will read words like “Crystals form by a process called crystallization that signifies a...

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