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Summer is so nice they just had to do it twice! LOL! According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Calendar summer is broken up into two different seasons Early Summer and Late Summer. The element during this season is Fire…isn’t that appropriate? Let me run through the systems, emotions, and activities that will best serve your body during this time.

Each new seasonal shift offers an opportune time to cleanse the system. You have the option to press reset and prepare for what each new season brings. I start each seasonal support post with a suggestion to cleanse the colon. I want to address how important it is to have a COLON that is functioning and healthy. As we support these different organs and begin to cleanse them, they will be releasing toxins into the system…you do NOT want them to be STUCK in your body. So get the plumbing working well before you start on anything else. There are MANY colon supporting products that YL offers: Cleansing Trio, ICP, Digest...

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