Permission To Prosper

Online Course


Are you going around and around in your head, replaying the traumas, stories, chaos, and confusions of your life? Have you fit yourself into a small and restrictive box - forcing yourself to live and work like those around you? This is a dark and stormy place to be. I know this feeling well and am literally designed to shine a light to guide you out of this storm.

I am honored to invite you to join me for Permission To Prosper: a self-guided course where we will walk through your Human Design in a simplified and accessible way.

Although you have full autonomy to go through this information as fast or as slowly as you like, I have built it in a way for you to also connect with others going through this course. Please take full advantage of the community to comment and connect! I will also be sending out emails to inform you of live Q&A opportunities so keep an eye out for those! In this experience, you will learn the foundation of who you are and how to move in your life and business anchored in hope. You will walk away with some very tangible tools that you can apply right away that are going to show you how you are wired to serve and contribute and who needs YOU so they are able to make it through their storms of life! Together we will transform your experiences into empowerment! Are you ready??

What's In The Program?

  • 11 videos to walk you through each function of your Human Design.
  • Pacing to know what lesson you are on.

  • Ability to comment, ask questions and interact in the Permission to Prosper Course.

  • A workbook is included that leaves blanks on each page to fill in the information that resonated in each video. We will cover the healthy and unhealthy expression of each function so you can become clear and bring awareness to how YOU are designed to function so you can shine your brilliance out into the world unapologetically!

  • Bonus Mini-Course included that walks through the basics of your type, strategy, resistance (not self theme), and signature flow (the items that are the "same" for everyone) - this is a prerequisite before we begin so we can hit the ground running.
  • In addition to all of this, you will also receive aromatherapy insights and affirmations to support you as you transition into living in alignment with your design.

This Is A Risk-Free Program

If you do not feel equipped with some practical tools of who you are and how you are designed to function after 2 weeks of purchasing this program then please send me an email and I will refund your money.

Let’s cover some Frequently Asked Questions About This Program:

No, the sessions have been pre-recorded - which is awesome so you can watch them anytime and at the pace you choose!

The program will take as long or as short as you would like. I highly recommend scheduling time for yourself to move through this at a set pace so you can integrate the information. I would like to recommend no more than 2 centers at a time with a day in between so you can observe yourself and begin bringing awareness to whether you are operating in a healthy or unhealthy expression.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions within the Permission to Prosper community - I sure hope you take full advantage of this! I get informed anytime someone comments and connection is one of my superpowers so I will as attentive as I can be in there :)

I am grateful to have my clients share that they have received amazing results after learning about the treasures of their design. They have the permission they have always been looking for to fully be themselves - to put energy into things that are specifically aligned for them - and to rest in how they were created rather than force themselves to fit into a mold formed by others.

The investment for this life-changing information is:



Thanks For Joining The Waiting List!

I'll let you know as soon as this course is up and ready for you.