Permission To Prosper

A Supportive Safe Harbor Experience


Are you going around and around in your head, replaying the traumas, stories, chaos, and confusions of your life? This is a dark and stormy place to be. I know this feeling well and I am here to listen, share, and support you in your time of need. I will shine a light, hold a vision of you in your highest expression, and guide you to safe harbor from the waves of your experiences and emotions using a scientific and heart-centered approach. During our time together you will learn the truth and brilliance of who you are and begin to transform your experiences into empowerment. You are here to FEEL really good about your life and work - I am here to support you as you find your safe harbor and send you off with an anchor of hope. 

This is a one on one, supportive, and personalized package to get you very clear on the specific aspects of your design. You will be equipped to enter into our new reality with empowered awareness for who you are, what work is correct for you, and how it FEELS to live life ON PURPOSE.

The people who have gone through this course have reported radical self-acceptance, increased awareness, clarity of purpose, self-compassion when resistance happens, support in deconditioning, permission to write their own story and practical tools for how to get back into their flow of energy when they get off course.

What's In The Program?

  • A video explaining the essence of what it means to be YOU!
  • An e-book that will walk you through the finer and MOST important details of your Human Design type.
  • 1 90-minute Safe Harbor Strategy Session where we will work through the answers from your intake form to create a personalized plan on where to begin our journey back to your safe harbor.

  • 5 additional 60-minute sessions to use during a 3 month time frame. We will do a deep dive into your Life's Work, clarity on your vision and mission, a clear understanding on the consistent strengths you have to share with the world, specifics on the people whom you attract and how you are wired to contribute to them. Personalized input on how to structure your worktime, boundary creation if necessary, an understanding of how others are perceiving you and how you perceive yourself. Consistent themes that will occur often in within your gifts and talents. Insights into the lessons you needed from your past in order to fully show up in your present - courageously and wholeheartedly. This is HIGHLY personalized insight that you will not find anywhere else! I so look forward to your invitation and shining a light into your brilliance.

  • An integration guide to begin bringing awareness to these insights that are revealed - every session will have specific activation steps - and there will be accountability check ins between sessions via Voxer.

  • A bonus mini-course that will give you an introduction to your Human Design so you can get more benefit from the group sessions.
  • Essential oil recommendations & affirmations to support you energetically as you honor and bring awareness to your design.

This Is A Risk-Free Program

If you do not feel equipped with some practical tools of who you are and how you are designed to function after 2 weeks of purchasing this program then please send me an email and I will refund your money.

Let’s cover some Frequently Asked Questions About This Program:

Yes, the program sessions will be delivered through live Zoom calls.

The program runs for 3 months and includes one 90-minute session and 5 60-minute sessions.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions during each of the live Zoom sessions for the duration of the program. You'll also have access to additional support from me through Voxer.

I am grateful to have my clients share that they have received amazing results after learning about the treasures of their design. They have the permission they have always been looking for to fully be themselves - to put energy into things that are specifically aligned for them - and to rest in how they were created rather than force themselves to fit into a mold formed by others.

Join me in Permission To Prosper and experience this for yourself. 


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