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Navy Wife Life

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

David just moved to Washington State and we are choosing to stay in San Diego. In the Navy we call this "geo-baching" David will be a "geographic bachelor" during this time. Leave it to the Navy to create a catchy term for a difficult period of time. 

I have had so many questions about why we are choosing this that I wanted to share here - in the hopes it will help someone with some clarity in the future - and to help me remember why we are actually doing this. LOL! 

When we originally made this choice it was because our oldest daughter would be going into her senior year, our second daughter is playing in an elite soccer club, and my whole family is here in San Diego. Well - then COVID came - the ultimate party pooper. My daughter isn't really going to school, my other daughter is practicing but not playing, and my whole family moved away. LOL. Many people would throw in the towel at this point and pack up and move but after many conversations we are choosing to move forward with our plan to live separately. So why choose this life?

There have been so many changes in my children's lives - I didn't think a move would help their mental and emotional health. My daughters are thriving with distance learning and have some routines in place and people to support them here. I am choosing to homeschool the boys and although that comes with its own set of challenges, it is also turning into a blessing - flexibility to visit David whenever we like, and an opportunity to really be present to their needs (mind, body, and spirit) and an opportunity to be an active part in their education and lives (plus I get to dust off my Masters Degree in Education). 

I recently attended the CO (Commanding Officer) Spouses Training and 80% of the conversation was about how to manage your expectations and how to communicate when your husband is working long hours. Well, we do have to work on communication regardless - but David will not have the pressure to be home like if we were all there. He is really looking forward to mentoring anyone who is wanting it and that often happens after hours. I am excited for him to have the freedom to do what needs to be done to have a successful Command tour. 

I am also looking forward to taking the time I need to pour into my business - in a whole new way. I will admit that I usually dive into my business head first when David is gone. I had a new awareness that when I do that then my kids have both parents gone. That was a jagged little pill to swallow. So I am using this time to simplify how I run my businesses - which is a blessing. I am also SO thankful that my businesses are mine to run how I like WHEN I like. So my plan is to simplify and run my business and my family in a wholehearted way. 

I am using this time to refine many things. And I am not sure I would have taken the time to evaluate these parts of my life if we didn't make this choice. I am determined to do this time well. To walk through this time wholeheartedly. I'll be sure to share my adventures along the way - because my intention is to have a thriving life, marriage, business, and children. Thank you for being here to walk this path with me. Oh! And all prayers are appreciated! LOL! 


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