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Hi friend, I'm Rosy. Mother of 4, Teacher, Reading Specialist, Trauma- Informed Human Design Reader + Guide, and a Certified Mental Health Wellness Coach 

You can live your life AND run a successful business with grace and ease once you learn how you are designed to do so.



You can run a successful business with grace and ease once you learn how you are designed to do so.

Permission Slips for Your Child

From Their Human Design Profile

Human Design is filled with permission slips to be authentically you. Understanding your child's Profile can support you in honoring and celebrating what makes them unique. You'll also be able to empower your child to explore how THEY would like to step into these aspects of themselves! 

Hi, I'm Rosy

Friend, if I told you how much time, money, and resources I have spent trying to figure out how to run my business you would be shocked!

Most business resources share how people have been successful and when you try to fit into that mold and you don’t fit - it is frustrating and you may believe that something is wrong with you.

Well I am here to to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, you are SO beautifully and wonderfully made - I cannot wait to share your brilliance with you!

Human Design is the tool I have discovered that unlocks the mystery of who you are, how you are designed to live, work, and BE, what gifts you bring to the world, and how you see and experience others. This is not general information that will put you inside of a box - this is highly personalized and specific. If you are ready to fully own and step into your brilliance I am ready for you. 

This information has given me a level of permission to live authentically me and to do business within my gifts and wisdom - I want this same awareness for you.

Jessica Andrade

Thank you to Rosy for introducing me to Human Design and taking the time to explain the ins & outs of this invaluable tool in her special wholehearted way. It has been such a gift to get to know myself in new ways. It has changed my life.

Holly Krenmeyer

Have you ever wondered why people interact with you the way they do or the way you respond to them? Rosy is an amazing instructor explaining everything in great detail. My newfound knowledge is beneficial for my business and my life!

Molly Kellogg

Rosy's Permission to Prosper class was one of my first introductions to Human Design. I was in awe of how this awareness changed the course of my life instantly. I am so thankful and plan to take every opportunity I can to keep learning from Rosy.

Here's How I Can Help

Learn how you are designed and how your energy interacts with your child's. 

Understand the essence of what it means for your child to be  themselves.

Discover your child's strengths, potential challenges and how to honor and celebrate their uniqueness. 

"We’re here to give our children their own authority. This is what I care about, that every single human being, every child that comes into this world is taught that they can have their own authority. For me, the whole thing is to embrace the uniqueness of your child. "


- Ra Uru Hu

Don't Forget Your Free Gift!

Learn about your child's uniqueness


Give your child the permission they need to be themselves. Through understanding your child's Human Design Profile, you'll have the tools to honor and celebrate what makes them unique.