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Human Design RIGHT NOW - a new blog series

I chose CONNECTION for my one little word for 2024. One of the ways that this word is encouraging me to show up and shine is to choose to be CONNECTED to the energy that each day brings. There are 64 different energies that LIGHT UP the Human Design Body Graph (the different numbers on your chart) throughout the year. It is my intention to study and then share the information about these energies with you this year. I sure hope you will choose to join me - and invite a friend to join you. This is a powerful knowing and contemplation. 

Here are the benefits of knowing what Gate we are currently in: 

  • EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON EARTH IS EXPERIENCING THIS ENERGY AT THE SAME TIME. Think about how awesome it will be to have this awareness and to make informed decisions based on how your body is responding to this energy. You have an opportunity to show compassion to others depending on how THEY are responding. 
  • Awareness gives you the opportunity to CHOOSE how you will express this energy. I will be sharing the SHADOW (lowest expression) and the GIFT of this energy - so you can take an honest inventory of where you are on the energetic spectrum. Remember to be kind to yourself if you discover you are in shadow - awareness is the first step of moving out of the shadow and into the light and gift. 
  • You don't have to be a victim to the current energies - you can CHOOSE how you will engage with it - each blog post will share practical tips on how to do so WELL. 
  • This is a powerful opportunity to learn about the wisdom of your body - and to practice using the mind to observe. 

So - FUN FACT - Today, January 22, 2024 marks the FIRST energy in our annual energetic calendar. As you read through these images - you will see why it's the first one. It has EVERYTHING to do with Dreaming and allowing yourself to believe in a glorious future for yourself and others. I am including an overview of the energy - where you can find it on your own body graph (it is REALLY COOL to see if it changes your design when it lights up) - the shadow expression and the gift that this energy can bring (if you CHOOSE) and finally a contemplation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE know how much I would LOVE it if you clicked "reply" and chose to engage with me to share your contemplations. We will be "in" this energy until January 28th, 2024. 

My hope and intention is for you to be so blessed with this information and for you to choose self compassion and grace for yourself and others as we all experience this together. 

Enjoy this closer look at the 41st Gate - and HAPPY ENERGETIC NEW YEAR! 


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