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Use Me In Your Program!

Hey Coaches and Course Creators!

One of my favorite invitations is to come into YOUR space - YOUR programs and offerings and complement what YOU are doing - using the lens of Human Design.


Imagine knowing how your clients are DESIGNED to receive and integrate the transformative information you are sharing in your sessions, workshops, or courses. When you understand your clients' designs (or they understand their own) THIS is when the needle will begin to move toward growth, transformation, and expansion.

Here are some of the possibilities - see if any of them would be of service and contribution to what you have or what you would like to create:

Onboarding Process

I can offer 1 on 1 sessions with your clients and then give you the insights of their design - and then your clients will be clear on how they are designed. I can make sure to address the important things in YOUR program when sharing their design.

Guest Speaker

I can be a guest speaker/compliment to the topics you cover in your course. Human Design offers value no matter WHAT you are addressing.

Become An Affiliate

I have an affiliate program where you can recommend me to your clients and they can book privately and you get a portion of what they book. 

Support For YOU

I can offer a system where we QUICKLY go through your concerns or ways your clients are “stuck” and what I see in their design to remind them who they are and how to move through it in an aligned way.

I am flexible and ALWAYS love an invitation to curate whatever inspiration you have - let’s talk about that and see what collaboration is possible!

Book an inquiry call to share your thoughts and to see if this is in alignment for YOU.


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