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Victim or Freedom - You Choose - Gate 55

This is BIG energy friends. Big, Emotional, Transformative Energy and we are ALL experiencing it for the next 4 days (February 20-24). This energy flows out of the Emotional Solar Plexus and is filled with an Abundance of Spirit! It has high highs and low lows - and each state of this emotional wave is designed to be ridden and expressed FREELY and unapologetically. 

I am still evolving how I share this information so if you'd rather watch a quick video here is the link to my IG Live (going to try this to see how it works) but I am making the commitment to be more thorough here on my blog. 

This energy deserves its own blog post. It is a peek behind the wizards curtain of what we are moving into in the very near future. This is our next evolution....to feel and experience the highs and lows of life...without falling victim to it. This pattern of choosing the victim - and YES - it is 100% wholeheartedly your choice - is what we have an opportunity to heal over these next 4...

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STOP Collaborate and LISTEN! - Gate 13

This is one of my favorite energies in the Human Design Body Graph. It is a beautiful heart centered energy who's main purpose is to sit and really BE with another human. This is the "Holding Space" energy that doesn't listen with an agenda when someone else is speaking. 

We are wired for stories. Some of the most attentive my students are (I am teaching 3rd grade right now) is when I am reading or telling a story. The greatest speakers, leaders, and teachers - have the gift of story. Our lived experiences from the past are literally the greatest sources of wisdom we have. 

The opportunity for all of us (until February 8, 2024) is to practice just BEING with people. Listening from the heart. And as always - practice this within yourself. What have you gone through? How can your past experiences inform and equip you for this present moment? How can your past experiences be a gateway to connect authentically with others? We are all the hero's in our journey and we all have...

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Human Design RIGHT NOW - a new blog series

I chose CONNECTION for my one little word for 2024. One of the ways that this word is encouraging me to show up and shine is to choose to be CONNECTED to the energy that each day brings. There are 64 different energies that LIGHT UP the Human Design Body Graph (the different numbers on your chart) throughout the year. It is my intention to study and then share the information about these energies with you this year. I sure hope you will choose to join me - and invite a friend to join you. This is a powerful knowing and contemplation. 

Here are the benefits of knowing what Gate we are currently in: 

  • EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON EARTH IS EXPERIENCING THIS ENERGY AT THE SAME TIME. Think about how awesome it will be to have this awareness and to make informed decisions based on how your body is responding to this energy. You have an opportunity to show compassion to others depending on how THEY are responding. 
  • Awareness gives you the opportunity to CHOOSE how you...
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