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STOP Collaborate and LISTEN! - Gate 13

This is one of my favorite energies in the Human Design Body Graph. It is a beautiful heart centered energy who's main purpose is to sit and really BE with another human. This is the "Holding Space" energy that doesn't listen with an agenda when someone else is speaking. 

We are wired for stories. Some of the most attentive my students are (I am teaching 3rd grade right now) is when I am reading or telling a story. The greatest speakers, leaders, and teachers - have the gift of story. Our lived experiences from the past are literally the greatest sources of wisdom we have. 

The opportunity for all of us (until February 8, 2024) is to practice just BEING with people. Listening from the heart. And as always - practice this within yourself. What have you gone through? How can your past experiences inform and equip you for this present moment? How can your past experiences be a gateway to connect authentically with others? We are all the hero's in our journey and we all have...

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I'd love to share the stories behind the choices of my images and words behind my brand. I have chosen to run my business from a heart centered space. The following will walk you through the process I went in choosing my brand emphasis. My hope is that by sharing my story you will gain clarity around a possible way to build yours.

If you have been in my community for any amount of time you will know how much I LOOOVE Lighthouses, Hearts, and the words: Shine, Light, and of course Wholehearted.

Wholehearted – As you can see…I have it tattooed on my body. LOL. This word and way of living caused such a shift in my soul. I was introduced to Brene Brown by my friend Lindsay Teague Moreno  who is an avid reader. This word is at the center of every one of her writings and it literally made my heart grow two sizes. Here is the definition of Wholehearted Living directly from Brene Brown: “Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of...

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