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Human Design Dynamics in My Home

My home is a playground for me to witness different Human Design dynamics play out in real life. 


There are 5 Types in Human Design - we have 4 of them in my household (Manifestor husband, Generator and ManiGen children, and I'm a Projector). 


There are 6 Profile Lines in Human Design - We have 5 of them in my household (we don't have any 3rd lines, however 3 of my 4 kids have a 6 line Profile and are in their first phase of life, which mimics the 3rd line experience). 


We have 3 Emotionally Defined and 3 Empathic by Design


I have a 2 Single Definitions, 2 Split Definition, and 2 Triple Split Definitions in my household


On “bad” days we experience Anger, Bitterness, and Frustration


On “good” days we celebrate one another being Peaceful, Successful, and Satisfied 


My husband is very tribal and I have one strength in each of the themes: Independent, Tribal, and Collective 


3 of my...

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Victim or Freedom - You Choose - Gate 55

This is BIG energy friends. Big, Emotional, Transformative Energy and we are ALL experiencing it for the next 4 days (February 20-24). This energy flows out of the Emotional Solar Plexus and is filled with an Abundance of Spirit! It has high highs and low lows - and each state of this emotional wave is designed to be ridden and expressed FREELY and unapologetically. 

I am still evolving how I share this information so if you'd rather watch a quick video here is the link to my IG Live (going to try this to see how it works) but I am making the commitment to be more thorough here on my blog. 

This energy deserves its own blog post. It is a peek behind the wizards curtain of what we are moving into in the very near future. This is our next evolution....to feel and experience the highs and lows of life...without falling victim to it. This pattern of choosing the victim - and YES - it is 100% wholeheartedly your choice - is what we have an opportunity to heal over these next 4...

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