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Human Design Dynamics in My Home

My home is a playground for me to witness different Human Design dynamics play out in real life. 


There are 5 Types in Human Design - we have 4 of them in my household (Manifestor husband, Generator and ManiGen children, and I'm a Projector). 


There are 6 Profile Lines in Human Design - We have 5 of them in my household (we don't have any 3rd lines, however 3 of my 4 kids have a 6 line Profile and are in their first phase of life, which mimics the 3rd line experience). 


We have 3 Emotionally Defined and 3 Empathic by Design


I have a 2 Single Definitions, 2 Split Definition, and 2 Triple Split Definitions in my household


On “bad” days we experience Anger, Bitterness, and Frustration


On “good” days we celebrate one another being Peaceful, Successful, and Satisfied 


My husband is very tribal and I have one strength in each of the themes: Independent, Tribal, and Collective 


3 of my...

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Are you Designed to Emote or Amplify Emotions?

Shining a light on emotional intelligence is a HUGE part of my life’s purpose. I wanted to share some information that I pray supports you during these VERY emotional times. Human Design has given me a powerful perspective on this topic so let’s dive in. 


A little more than half the population (53%) is designed to EMOTE. They are literally here to feel all the feels to ride the wave or waves of their emotion over and over again - just like the waves in the ocean. There are breaks in each set but when the set rolls in the wave begins to rise, peak, and crash. Then it washes onto shore and returns back to do the whole thing over again and again. When you KNOW you are emotional and you begin to observe the patterns of your wave, to give yourself permission to rest (and have time alone) after your wave crashes and then to show up in all of your power when you are at the height of your wave and you feel energized and awesome! You also need to ride...

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