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Are you Designed to Emote or Amplify Emotions?

Shining a light on emotional intelligence is a HUGE part of my life’s purpose. I wanted to share some information that I pray supports you during these VERY emotional times. Human Design has given me a powerful perspective on this topic so let’s dive in. 


A little more than half the population (53%) is designed to EMOTE. They are literally here to feel all the feels to ride the wave or waves of their emotion over and over again - just like the waves in the ocean. There are breaks in each set but when the set rolls in the wave begins to rise, peak, and crash. Then it washes onto shore and returns back to do the whole thing over again and again. When you KNOW you are emotional and you begin to observe the patterns of your wave, to give yourself permission to rest (and have time alone) after your wave crashes and then to show up in all of your power when you are at the height of your wave and you feel energized and awesome! You also need to ride several waves all the way to “shore” in order to have clarity before making big decisions. This is a POWERFUL awareness and REALLY blesses those of us who are absorbing and AMPLIFYING your emotions. 

The rest of humanity is EMPATHIC (47%). We absorb and amplify the emotions from the emoters. LOL. When you are not aware of this dynamic you can feel chaotic, touchy, nervous, defensive, or just choose to detach or numb because #allthefeels become AMPLIFIED within you. The wisdom opportunity here is to get curious when waves of emotions wash over you - or - let’s be honest KNOCK YOU DOWN. Check in and ask yourself: “Do I have the energy to help this person who is emoting all over me?” LOL “Do they want my wisdom?” “Are they ready to do their own emotional work?” If the answer is NO to ANY of these questions - SLOWLY BACK AWAY. Begin to create boundaries for yourself - hold people capable of doing their own work and don't take their emotions personal. 

These dynamics come up again and again in my life and work. My husband has a “defined” emotional center (he is here to emote). Mine is undefined (I am absorbing and amplifying his emotional waves). Thanks to a lot of support from fellow empaths, and what I have learned from Human Design I am basically a professional wave surfer. LOL! In all seriousness - IN THE PAST I have walked the path of a HIGHLY co-dependent person - who was NOT ok if my husband was not ok. NOW when his wave crashes over me I take a deep breath, check in with myself, and if I have the energy I put my hand on his shoulder and ask him “Are you ok?” which allows HIM to take ownership and check in with his feels. I then offer to support him and he gets to CHOOSE if he would like support or not. I no longer try to “fix” how he is feeling - but I also don’t choose to stay in the tidal wave if he is emoting all over the place unchecked. 

Essential oils are a BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL support when you are choosing to live in a healthy way emotionally. Here is some “crazy oil lady” info about what essential oils best support the emotional intelligence center. 

Defined Emotions: 

Singles: Lavender*, Citrus oils*, Frankincense*, 

Young Living Blends: Peace & Calming*, Stress Away*, Valor*, Harmony, Surrender 

Undefined Emotions: 

Singles: Lavender*, Citrus oils*, Peppermint*, Cypress

Young Living Blends: White Angelica to protect and Release to let go of what you have absorbed and amplified all day. Raven* to breathe through the feels you are feeling, Peace & Calming*, Valor* 

*oils that are included in your Starter Kit - if you are ready to jump on this awesome oily train with me click here and choose "Get Started" on the top. 


This is just scratching the surface of this ONE (of 9) functions of our designs. If you would like to learn more about how you emote or amplify please know that it is my deep honor to shine my light into the shadows and wisdom of emotions. Click here to see what experience would serve you best. 




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