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Welcome to Human Design in the Wild

If you’re unaware, I recently went through a rebrand to shift the focus of my business from supporting network marketers to supporting parents in their personal, family, and business development. 


My mission is to give parents the language and tools to effectively advocate for their children through developing a deep understanding of the child’s unique needs. Through building awareness of their child’s unique design, they can create supportive environments at home and school that meet their child where they’re at. I do this through utilizing the tools of Human Design, Gene Keys, body awareness, nervous system regulation and 20+ years of experience in the education system as a parent, teacher and tutor. 


In this blog I’ll be sharing true stories about my family and how I integrate Human Design into my parenting, which I’m calling, “Human Design in the Wild.” I’ll also be sharing insights from my own inner...

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Human Design Dynamics in My Home

My home is a playground for me to witness different Human Design dynamics play out in real life. 


There are 5 Types in Human Design - we have 4 of them in my household (Manifestor husband, Generator and ManiGen children, and I'm a Projector). 


There are 6 Profile Lines in Human Design - We have 5 of them in my household (we don't have any 3rd lines, however 3 of my 4 kids have a 6 line Profile and are in their first phase of life, which mimics the 3rd line experience). 


We have 3 Emotionally Defined and 3 Empathic by Design


I have a 2 Single Definitions, 2 Split Definition, and 2 Triple Split Definitions in my household


On “bad” days we experience Anger, Bitterness, and Frustration


On “good” days we celebrate one another being Peaceful, Successful, and Satisfied 


My husband is very tribal and I have one strength in each of the themes: Independent, Tribal, and Collective 


3 of my...

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