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Human Design Dynamics in My Home

My home is a playground for me to witness different Human Design dynamics play out in real life. 


There are 5 Types in Human Design - we have 4 of them in my household (Manifestor husband, Generator and ManiGen children, and I'm a Projector). 


There are 6 Profile Lines in Human Design - We have 5 of them in my household (we don't have any 3rd lines, however 3 of my 4 kids have a 6 line Profile and are in their first phase of life, which mimics the 3rd line experience). 


We have 3 Emotionally Defined and 3 Empathic by Design


I have a 2 Single Definitions, 2 Split Definition, and 2 Triple Split Definitions in my household


On “bad” days we experience Anger, Bitterness, and Frustration


On “good” days we celebrate one another being Peaceful, Successful, and Satisfied 


My husband is very tribal and I have one strength in each of the themes: Independent, Tribal, and Collective 


3 of my children are primarily Independent. 1 is very Tribal


Of the 32 Consistent Strengths in the Human Design Body Graph we have 13 expressed in my household.


My twins have the SAME EXACT DESIGN (born one minute apart) but they couldn’t be any more different. 


I could go on but I think you catch my drift. WE ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT! 


You may not understand any of these insights - and that’s ok. I hope you can at least hear that every single one of my children (plus my husband and I) are totally different and unique. I know we all believe that - but understanding the specifics of these nuances has been one of the most helpful tools I have ever found (and I am a tool gathering expert). 


I literally keep everyone’s designs laminated and pinned to a bulletin board in my office so I can quickly refer to them when I need to. I often need to go back to their charts to be reminded of their highest and healthiest expressions after we have had a bad day. I also look at my own design to remind myself of my highest and healthiest. My chart  has become a powerful and tangible tool for me to speak truth, life, and hope over myself. 


I will be sharing more about this list in upcoming posts - thank you for joining me on this journey.


Here’s to celebrating our uniqueness! 


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