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Consider this your official invitations to #allthethings

Friend! It has been awhile! So many fun invitations have come down the pipe lately that I had to share with you in hopes that you will join me on some of them or HECK - ALL of them - LOL! I don't know about you - but I am really enjoying the clarity people are having after quarantine - the learning and connecting opportunities they are creating. Here are some of my favorites and ways for you to learn more if any of these resonate with you. 

Invitation #1 - THIS IS READY NOW! I felt called to have a special offer for the Class of 2021!How helpful would it have been to know how you are designed to handle stress, pressure, identity, your sense of self, your life's purpose, how people perceive you, your strengths, and wisdoms?  Do you have a graduate (I do!!)? Do you know one you would like to give a special gift to? I have just the thing! I am offering my 1 hour Lighthouse Guidance Session that will dive into how they are DESIGNED to launch into the world for a discount -...

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