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Your Tribe Needs YOU! Gate 19 Insights (Jan 28-Feb 2)

This is an interesting energy and may bring you some unique insights over the next week. I had some questions after my last blog about "How does this actually work"? Well let me explain a bit before I dive into the nuances of this energy. 

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON THE PLANET IS EXPERIENCING THIS ENERGY RIGHT NOW. Your Human Design Bodygraph is created based on when you were born (and the 88 days before you were born). But we ALL move through these 64 energies in a year. So my "Human Design Right Now" series is designed to be a quick check in and a continued contemplation throughout the 5-6 days we are in each energy. Some important things to consider when you are checking your own bodygraph is whether or not the gate or energy on the opposite side of the one that is activated is already defined (or colored in). Here is an example - I actually have the 41 defined and now with the 19 defined from Jan 28-Feb 2 I will have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus - with a Tribal Emotional Wave. So as I feel the ups and downs of this wave I also have an opportunity to be kind and compassionate with myself, appreciate having more emotional energy and knowing, and pay attention to the themes of this VERY resourceful energy. 

Keep the questions coming! They are my favorite. Now lets do a deeper dive into the 19th Gate and the energy it brings.

Gate 19 - The Energy of Social Needs or Wanting. This is Tribal and will pull you into more insights on what the people around you (in your "tribe") are needing. There is also an opportunity to go within to see what you are wanting and needing. One of the things I LOVE about Human Design is that as much as it has insights into how YOU are designed - what YOUR gifs, talents, and consistent strengths are - but it is equally about how you are here to be of service and contribution to OTHERS. 

Tribal energy is very connected to the "other". It is all about support - is is constantly tuned into the energy of "what is needed here?" Pay attention to this awareness - observe it - and then get curious about what you can sustainably do to play a part in meeting the needs of those in your tribe. In the "tribe" everyone plays a part and when we all do our part the tribe is cared for, nurtured, and thrives. 

There is a religious flavor to this energy - and it IS mutating right now. As someone who is personally in a season of growth, expansion, and mutation of my religious beliefs I am looking forward to even more insights this week while this energy is lit up and activated in my design. There is an opportunity here to check in and evaluate your connection to God. Do you see God OUTSIDE of yourself? Do you believe you are broken or not whole and complete unless you have something or someone outside of you that can complete you? Get curious about this - because when we give our power away to anyone or anything - believing we are missing something - we will seek and search and miss out on the blessings of the present moment - and that truth that we are beautifully and wonderfully made - FULLY SUPPORTED and divinely guided. 

Enjoy playing in this energy this week. It has the potential to bring all sorts of awarenesses. And although it is tribal and connected to the needs of others - do not leave yourself out in this awareness. What do YOU need? As always you have an open invitation to reply to this email and share your contemplations, observations, and questions. Have a great week! 


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