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Your Tribe Needs YOU! Gate 19 Insights (Jan 28-Feb 2)

This is an interesting energy and may bring you some unique insights over the next week. I had some questions after my last blog about "How does this actually work"? Well let me explain a bit before I dive into the nuances of this energy. 

EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON THE PLANET IS EXPERIENCING THIS ENERGY RIGHT NOW. Your Human Design Bodygraph is created based on when you were born (and the 88 days before you were born). But we ALL move through these 64 energies in a year. So my "Human Design Right Now" series is designed to be a quick check in and a continued contemplation throughout the 5-6 days we are in each energy. Some important things to consider when you are checking your own bodygraph is whether or not the gate or energy on the opposite side of the one that is activated is already defined (or colored in). Here is an example - I actually have the 41 defined and now with the 19 defined from Jan 28-Feb 2 I will have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus - with a Tribal Emotional...

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