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6 Tips To Recover From Burnout

So I have recently gotten really clear on the hope light I desire to send out into the world. Hope from Burnout. As a Projector I am literally here to mainly partner with Generators and Manifesting Generators to help them know when "enough is enough". To help them get out of the mind - which likes to pressure us and boss us around - and to drop into the wisdom that our bodies have for us. The problem is - many of us - especially those who have experienced trauma - don't trust the signals our bodies give us. We have rewired our nervous system to go from crisis to crisis. Staying in fight or flight mode. Which guess what? Is a quick way to burnout. Here are some tips with some added insights to help you move from burnout to your signature flow. 

You cannot skip Tip #1. It is literally one of the best ways to begin to calm the mind and reset the body. We are talking 8-10 hours of sleep a night and maybe even 1-2 naps a day. That deep restorative sleep is what is needed. Your eyes and muscles don't move, and your brain waves slow down even further. Deep sleep is restorative. Your body replenishes its energy and repairs cells, tissues, and muscles. If you need help reaching these levels of sleep check out my favorite (non melatonin) supplement here

Tip #2 - In order to get out of burnout it is important to use other parts of your brain that you don't use for work. Choosing pleasure, creativity, connection are supportive ways to do this. Movement is another way to make space for joy. It increases vitality and will ground you. Try new things! Let this be fun! 

This tip is a big one. You cannot fix what you cannot identify. Zooming out and observing what moment to moment choices got you into burnout in the first place is such an important step in moving beyond it. If I can also encourage you to show yourself some kindness and compassion while you evaluate your patterns that would be a great idea. This is all just information - because when you know better you can do better. You step into a place of awareness. To help you with this step start paying attention to your BODY signals of exhaustion, pressure, and even pain. I personally LOVE using Human Design as a guide to know how you are DESIGNED to operate in your highest expression and how you can get pulled toward burnout (HINT: it is almost always from over riding your strategy, and getting pulled into other peoples energy through your undefined centers). I have an invite for you if you'd like to learn more. 

Once you know how you got here it is really helpful and empowering to know where you want to go and HOW you want to get there (HINT: more signature flow, less burnout). Create a plan, grab a friend for accountability and celebration. CELEBRATE EVERY WIN as you begin to step into flow. Be kind to yourself if you fall back into old, familiar patterns. You have the next moment to choose something different. New patterns take time to create so again, self compassion is key. 

I heard a coach say, "Become someone who handles hard better." Life is hard. We can never eliminate 100% of the stressors in our life - so let's do what we can to increase our stress resilience so we can handle hard better. Someone who can rise up to life's stressors will be able to move through their day on purpose with purpose - knowing where they are going and knowing they will get their no matter what. I do love sharing how people are designed to move through their days and I love helping people get the supplements they need to calm their nervous system to be able to make it through tough days. Its why I do what I do. 

Last but not least - DO THE DAMN THING! I heard something really impactful in a book literally called Resilience. It has changed my whole life. Choose your Identity FIRST. Then actions that make that identity true. And then your feelings and emotions will follow. When we move through our days feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out, we continue to choose to actions that make these feelings true, and then our IDENTITY follows. We ARE Burned out, stressed out, and overwhelmed. But if you CHOOSE To be Resilient AF, CHOOSE to be filled with purpose, CHOOSE to walk wholeheartedly - then choose actions to make this true - you will find that your days have stress - but you are not too stressed. You have moments of overwhelm - but you rise and move through it. You feel the burnout creeping in - but you know that you have done enough in one day and choose to care for yourself and that the to do list can wait until tomorrow. 

I sure hope this shared some hope and practical insights. 

I would love for you to join me in my Permission to Prosper LIVE Course where we will be diving into how you designed to move through your day. Through your life and business well. We kick off April 10th. If you would like to learn more join me for a quick walkthrough all that we will be covering on Thursday, April 30 at 12 noon Pacific Time. Link and more details to follow.


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