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I'm Waking Up! Wanna Join Me?


I am AMAZED at what is being created in this time after the pandemic. I am AMAZED at the courageous choices people are making post pandemic. 

I am designed to get my opportunities from my network of friends and I am also designed to connect my network of friends to opportunities! So consider this your invitation (another aspect of my design) to join me for the next 100 days to WAKE UP and create a life you love. 

My friend Lindsey Teague Moreno wrote a book during the "World Reset" called Wake Up - I was honored to read it during the Reset and was also honored to be mentioned in it as well. The basic premise of this book is to get curious about your life and then get honest about what one (or two or three) things would move you forward into living your life at the next level. Then once you choose that thing - you commit to making forward action for 100 days and just WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! I have experienced FIRST HAND the celebration, success, and satisfaction that making a commitment like this ushers in. 

As you saw from my quick clip above I chose to move my body (for at least 30 min) for 100 days straight! Before this challenge I would always say that I "deserved" a day off or a day of rest and sometimes that day would turn into two days, or a week, or sometimes longer. Once I finally decided to do this challenge (it was a bit later than my friends) I had a lot of resistance - those old "entitled" stories popped up - so I would reach out and get the encouragement I needed - or a friend would pop in and share a victory and that would be the energy I needed to climb on that bike or get on that mat or put on those shoes for a walk. 

For THIS Wake Up Challenge I am going to do something different. I actually have 3 areas I am going to track (you don't have to pick 3). 

#1 - I am going to drink a gallon of water a day - this has been something I have been observing others doing but again - talked myself out of - I am actually excited to see how my body is going to respond! I was talking to my son (after choosing #3) and he is doing this with me (not a gallon - half of his body weight in ounces a day - he is SHOCKED at how many times he has gone to the bathroom - LOL)! 

#2 - I am going to log into one of my bank accounts a day (I have personal, family,  and business accounts). After doing the Green Gap program with my friend Gwen I had a TON of realizations. I have some SERIOUS stories and limiting beliefs around money (and even some trauma) and so I have chosen to just NOT when it came to money. So this is the gentle way I found to rewrite the old stories, increase my gratitude (for what comes in) and bring more awareness (for what goes out). 

#3 - I am going to practice presence. I have been doing work in becoming "Trauma Informed" and it has stirred up the pot for me and brought lots of new awareness. One thing that I have figured out is - I can definitely afford to practice presence in my everyday dealings. I don't have a problem with this in my professional life - it is primarily in my personal life. So - this got added to the list. For me it means no phones at the table, eye contact and questions when my littles are speaking - seeking to understand and making intentional connection when given the opportunity. 

I plan on tracking these things in my Oola App and my Soul Vision Planner but I also have a group of friends I am going through this with. Here are some of their goals (if you need further inspiration): 

I have friends that will be walking their 10,000 steps, one is not shopping from Amazon for 100 days, one is tapping, another who will be journaling through her experience as she has just left corporate America, one is doing a gratitude journal. As you can see - the possibilites are endless. 

So - would you care to join me? Reach out and let me know! I'd love to offer my support and celebration - it really does make a difference to make change with support. Speaking of - have you checked out our Be The Change Community? We are in our first month and it is filled with resources, people, and discussion that is sure to support you.

Here's to creating a life you love! 



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