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I'm Waking Up! Wanna Join Me?


I am AMAZED at what is being created in this time after the pandemic. I am AMAZED at the courageous choices people are making post pandemic. 

I am designed to get my opportunities from my network of friends and I am also designed to connect my network of friends to opportunities! So consider this your invitation (another aspect of my design) to join me for the next 100 days to WAKE UP and create a life you love. 

My friend Lindsey Teague Moreno wrote a book during the "World Reset" called Wake Up - I was honored to read it during the Reset and was also honored to be mentioned in it as well. The basic premise of this book is to get curious about your life and then get honest about what one (or two or three) things would move you forward into living your life at the next level. Then once you choose that thing - you commit to making forward action for 100 days and just WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! I have experienced FIRST HAND the celebration, success, and satisfaction...

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