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Aligned Abundance? Is That Even A Thing?

Why yes - yes it is! Not only that but you ARE Abundant BY DESIGN! 

I am the "Human Design Expert" in a really powerful group called Creation Academy - a magical mastermind created by The Unicorn CEO herself Cory Michelle. I pop in once a month and share Human Design insights to support the amazing souls in this group (Human Design compliments her skillsets and offerings beautifully). One of Cory's favorite tools that she uses with her clients is - the power of asking yourself a good question. Continue reading to learn more. 

This week in Creation Academy we dove into the topic of Abundance! There are lots of people sharing about this in a lot of different ways. I am always SO excited to share the insights that Human Design has to offer because that information is  SOOOO SPECIFIC! Once you understand how you are designed you can begin to bring awareness, make choices, and create from a place of - wait for it - ALIGNED Abundance! How cool is that??? It will look differently for you - because you are unique! I was able to share some very specific questions based on the energy that each of us carries. If you want to play along with us (because isn't life way more fun when we play?) grab your free chart here and let's dive in! 

I know, I know! Your chart looks crazy! Don't get too distracted by it - trust me! It is a treasure map of YOU and has amazing insights just waiting to be discovered. Today we are going to focus on whether the shapes are colored in (defined) or not (undefined). Let's start with the undefined energy functions. Every WHITE space in your chart will show you what/whom you are attracting to yourself. At the end of the day - we all just want to be seen and understood, amiright? You see and understand others who come to you that have those white shapes in YOUR chart colored in on THEIRS - Human Design demonstrates the Law of Attraction in this way. You carry the flame and people will fly to you like moths to be seen and understood by you. When you are AWARE of this dynamic you can have your hands, heart, and eyes wide open - ready to accept them (or not) ;). You sit with them and will have wisdom to share - IF THEY ARE READY TO RECEIVE THAT WISDOM. I will be diving into this more in this live workshop (coming soon - here is the link to sign up for the waitlist) but for now - play with these questions and see what comes up. 


The shapes that are colored in on your chart tell a specific story about the energy, gifts, and talents you are here to shine out and serve others with. You don't have to take a quiz to find out this VERY SPECIFIC information - it is all right there in that crazy looking chart. LOL. The colored in shapes are the ONLY things you have to manage. Know that this energy can be expressed in its highest and healthiest expression (light) or it can be expressed in a low and unhealthy expression (shadow). Most of the work I do with Human Design is give you the tools to bring awareness to where you are on the light/shadow spectrum and then consciously choose to shine out as your highest self! Play with these questions and see what comes up! Begin to create products, offerings, and services that answer these questions. It really is THAT easy. Oh! And because the throat (the first square on the top of the chart is the LITERAL center for Manifestation) if you have that square colored in (which means it is connected to another center) - I have added questions that will support you in speaking and creating in alignment. 

If this is confusing - that's ok - I am an expert treasure hunter! And I would be SOOO honored to help you find the treasures within yourself. These are my current offerings - I have a stepping stone process in place. Know how honored I am with each invitation! 

Mini Course (Self Study) 

Lighthouse Guidance Session (1 hour - Mini Course is SO helpful before you do this) 

Permission to Prosper Self Study Experience (if you don't want to wait to do it live) - 

Permission to Prosper LIVE - October 2021 

Safe Harbor Guidance (3 month supportive 1 on 1 support)


Stay tuned for essential oils that compliment each of these energy functions! SO FUN! 

Until then! I am sending you so many prayers and thoughts of ALIGNED ABUNDANCE for you! 

OH! If you have experienced human design from me and want your friends and family to have this experience for themselves I am HAPPY to provide an opportunity for you to receive a thank you gift for your referral. Just click here to get that set up - then share YOUR link with them. YAY! 



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