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Aligned Abundance? Is That Even A Thing?

Why yes - yes it is! Not only that but you ARE Abundant BY DESIGN! 

I am the "Human Design Expert" in a really powerful group called Creation Academy - a magical mastermind created by The Unicorn CEO herself Cory Michelle. I pop in once a month and share Human Design insights to support the amazing souls in this group (Human Design compliments her skillsets and offerings beautifully). One of Cory's favorite tools that she uses with her clients is - the power of asking yourself a good question. Continue reading to learn more. 

This week in Creation Academy we dove into the topic of Abundance! There are lots of people sharing about this in a lot of different ways. I am always SO excited to share the insights that Human Design has to offer because that information is  SOOOO SPECIFIC! Once you understand how you are designed you can begin to bring awareness, make choices, and create from a place of - wait for it - ALIGNED Abundance! How cool is that??? It will look...

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