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The Wisdom of Trauma - An Invitation

Several months ago a friend shared a link with me to watch a documentary called The Wisdom of Trauma. When I say that it changed my life - that would be an understatement. It literally ushered in so much healing, self compassion, and awareness - and started me on my path to learn as much as I could about becoming "trauma - informed".

The people who have created this documentary release it for a limited time and then it goes back into the "vault". You have until October 10th to view this for free. If you have experienced trauma (spoiler alert - after this last year I think it is fair to say we have ALL experienced it) please take the time to watch this. It will be an hour well spent. Feel free to forward this email invitation or the actual link to someone who would benefit or gain some resources or validation about their lived experience.

Please feel free to reach out to let me know what you thought about this. Oh! And stay tuned to learning about how Essential Oils and Human Design...

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Grieving a Complicated Relationship

I am a little less than a month out from the passing of my biological mom. I am writing this to help with my own processing and if I can help someone along the way who needs these words (which are usually not spoken out loud) or validation - then this will not have been written in vain.

It will be helpful to know that I only lived with my mom for 5 years of my life. From birth to 4 and then from 13 to 14. The rest of that time I only saw her in short bursts. A friend of my mom's sent me this picture shortly after she passed. When I first saw it - I burst into maniacal laughter (which was so like something my mom would do) - it reminded me of a scene in Sweet Home Alabama - "You have a baby - in a bar" only this would read "You have a baby - and a beer". This picture speaks a thousand words. And reinforces an old story I told myself for decades. 

The old story I told myself was that she chose drugs, alcohol, and men over me. I told that story on repeat up until 2 years ago...

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