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Dear Older Me,

When you read this I want you to remember how empowered you felt after you finished the Clean Slate Cleanse. Before this 21 day challenge you were always the BEST at talking yourself OUT of whatever you had started. You really believed that you didn’t have self control – but now you know that you do…and a lot of it.

Remember the two long and brutal days that you were detoxing from #allthethings. I don’t want you to go to shame, because, shame is lame, but I want you to reflect on how you chose to use food, and sugar, and especially wine to numb out or even reward yourself. Instead I want you to remember that food is created keep your beautifully and wonderfully made body functioning optimally. It is not a bad thing to celebrate with food, but be intentional when you do.

You have so many wonderful tools to help you when stress comes knocking at your door. You no longer have to stuff (emotions or food). You can use your mindful eating exercise...

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