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Three Words (States of Being) That Are Blessing My Socks Off

Presence. Curiosity. Creativity. 

Do you ever have words, messages, or themes that continue to find you? This is happening to me now in such a powerful way that I wanted to share mine with you in hopes that it would encourage you to take a step back to see what is coming to you...

As I shared in my latest blog post I am in the middle of a whole shift in how I do life, parenthood, and work. I am having new awarenesses almost daily about how to do this time wholeheartedly - and the first awareness that came was BE HERE NOW - or Presence. I broke up with my lifelong partner in crime - multitasking - started huffing Present Time Essential Oil (a blend of orange, black spruce, and ylang ylang) and am choosing to walk around doing one thing at a time. As I surrendered to this VERY PIVOTAL aspect of my Human Design* I am realizing that I have enough time to get everything that I need to, I am completing those tasks with energy and joy, and seeing the people around me respond in like. 

Curiosity has been a fun adventure in learning to use my mind in a healthy way. I am asking questions - LOTS of questions - questions like "How the heck am I going to single parent for 2.5 years? How am I going to work with all of these extra pulls on my time?  Will I seriously get everything I need to get done doing one thing at a time?" I ask and then I sit back and watch God show up in the most magnificent ways to bring people, resources, invitations, and gifts and much more than I could ask or imagine. And since I am not trying to dictate how all of these things will happen and answer all of these questions for myself - I am open to them happening however they happen - it's actually been FUN - and a lot less pressure on my head and shoulders. 

 Creativity has been a new adventure for me. I have never considered myself a creative person - because I was defining creativity in such a small way. After learning that I have the strength of a "Creative Role Model" in my design* - I stepped into my new state of creativity and asked - "Lord, show me how I can step into this more consciously" and the SAME day I listened to my friends radio show titled Unlocking Creativity and it spoke right to my soul - in the first few minutes of the show Firdaus Kharas defined creativity as "the ability to think differently by mental process that leads to the creation of new ideas...it is the process of transformation" and I realized - I'M FREAKING CREATIVE EVERY DAY! I am creating a new and transformational ways to parent, teach, work, and be. I love partnering with people to support them with this same process. IT LIGHTS ME UP. It is helping me be kind to myself while I try new things - if it fails - then I try something else without getting too stuck on the process. This is serving me beautifully these days as I am trying all sorts of new things and becoming very self aware of how I move throughout the day navigating our new normal.

I am realizing that presence, curiosity, and creativity all work beautifully together. I find myself flowing between these three states throughout the day and using one to flow to the others and back again. Feel free to try these out yourself or get curious about your own flow process - PLEASE share with me so I can sit in wonder with how YOU move throughout the day. 

*Sorry - not sorry that I talk about Human Design #allthetime if you are curious about what this is all about I created a QUICK introductory course that is at an amazing price point. If you are ready to learn more click here.

Photo Credit: Mary Fast (this image is one of the gifts that came to me) ;) 


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