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Three Words (States of Being) That Are Blessing My Socks Off

Presence. Curiosity. Creativity. 

Do you ever have words, messages, or themes that continue to find you? This is happening to me now in such a powerful way that I wanted to share mine with you in hopes that it would encourage you to take a step back to see what is coming to you...

As I shared in my latest blog post I am in the middle of a whole shift in how I do life, parenthood, and work. I am having new awarenesses almost daily about how to do this time wholeheartedly - and the first awareness that came was BE HERE NOW - or Presence. I broke up with my lifelong partner in crime - multitasking - started huffing Present Time Essential Oil (a blend of orange, black spruce, and ylang ylang) and am choosing to walk around doing one thing at a time. As I surrendered to this VERY PIVOTAL aspect of my Human Design* I am realizing that I have enough time to get everything that I need to, I am completing those tasks with energy and joy, and seeing the...

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