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An App To Help With Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


Oh friends! I'm so excited to share something with you! I was introduced to a new app this weekend by my new friend Kristina - and I had to come and shout its awesomeness from the rooftops! 

Healing Feelings is an app from Karol Truman who wrote the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die This book was one of my required reading textbooks for my Aromatherapy Certification and has played a HUGE role in my learning, awakening, and awareness of just how intricately the mind, body, spirit connection really is. The first step toward change is awareness and this is a powerful tool that can really be of service to you if you are ready for some healing and transformation. 

Here in the West our modern medical model is built around diagnosing a symptom and then prescribing a drug that will address that symptom. We walk through other parts of our lives like this as well - we don't always have the language to communicate how we really feel - so we mask and numb so as not to feel that way any longer. In older cultures it is imperative to get to the root cause of a particular concern. Most ancient medicine practices have to do about maintaining an awareness and balance of your TOTAL body: mind, body, and spirit. It is impossible to focus on only one of these and expect complete healing and freedom. We MUST address every part of us to truly transform. 

This app gives you a back door to begin to bring awareness to the process of living WHOLEistically. It has a list of symptoms - which leads you back to a limiting belief, low frequency emotion, possible physical connection, and even early childhood connections that may be linked to your symptom. Did you know that by the time a concern is showing up in the physical body - it has been a part of the energetic, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body? (This is another post for another day) ;) It also has a directory of feelings that bring you to a list that will help you make connections to what may be under each emotion that is rising to the surface. Last but not least - it has a script that will help you create a new neuropathway in the brain with high frequency words, cues to replace lies and limiting beliefs with truth, and a path forward to walk in a new way. You WILL see God's name mentioned in the script. 

I give this app 5 stars! And I HIGHLY recommend using the script with essential oils - the Aroma Freedom Technique oils to be exact. Read more about that process here. The addition of essential oils will not only allow you to move through this process with energetic support - they will also help to dissolve those old patterns quickly and gently. 

If you would like a travel buddy to walk with you on this journey I would be honored if you invited me to join you. Click here to see which service would bless you the most. 

Let me know if you choose to get this app and what you think! 

What is Wholehearted Rosy Up To? 

Reading (join me on Goodreads): Christodora & Boss Up 

Listening: Unspoken Podcast with Father Richard Rohr & Your Move with Andy Stanley 

Doing: Uber driving to school and sports. Screaming on the sidelines of the soccer field and cross country finish line. ALL 4 KIDS ARE IN SPORTS RIGHT NOW! 

Watching: Game of Thrones - I had serious FOMO after the season ended. LOL 

Studying: The Centers in Human Design. This is a deeper dive than I got in my Level 1 Certification and I can't get enough! I'm also revisiting Conscious Language - time for a tune up (especially after exploring this app!) 

Resting: 90 Days with Jesus by Beth Moore. I am loving getting to know Jesus again. He's pretty awesome. 

Favorite Young Living Product This Week: Calm CBD Roller by Natures Ultra. This roller is LEGIT! It helps with morning mania and homework hour in particular. Reach out if I can help you get started with a HIGH QUALITY CBD (it's everywhere right now - quality matters friends). 

Here's to Your Health and Wholeness! 





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