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Purpose is such a powerful word and driving force for me right now. I have done quite a bit of personal and professional development to really get clear on what my purpose is. I evaluate how I should be spending my time to ensure that I am living each day within my gifts, talents, and purpose. One tangible way that I actively shine my light is through walking myself and others through the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). I am excited to share this with you and why I love it so much. Spoiler alert: it has bits of pieces of truths that have played a HUGE part in MY healing process.

This technique was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. He is a Clinical Psychologist by trade as well as a Young Living Essential Oils Leader. He intentionally chose bits and pieces from proven psychological techniques coupled with essential oils that have research based evidence to positively affect our emotional state. Fun fact: did you know that of our 5 senses – our sense of smell is the only one that has a direct connection to the emotional center of our brain. HOW COOL IS THAT??? I like to joke around that this is why you can get a whiff of Eternity for Men and instantly be rocketed back to 9th grade because your boyfriend used to wear that cologne. LOL! Through AFT we harness this connection to reveal those negative voices – that are often our default setting – and replace them with life giving truths! It is freaking awesome and NEVER gets old…by the way – that is an indication that you have touched on your life’s purpose: when you can do the same thing over and over again and it lights you up everytime!

Let me share some of the details behind AFT – I get SO excited about them!

First you create a goal or intention. The more specific the better. I love to encourage my clients to speak in the present tense using positive language. Example: “I am in a loving and supportive relationship.” or “I am free of my addiction to sugar.” Then as soon as you say this goal or intention you rate it on a scale of 0-10 – 0 is NO HOPE that this goal will ever come to pass and 10 is YOU ARE ALREADY CRUSHING IT! LOL (btw…this is not the time for wishful thinking…you rate it how you actually FEEL).

This next step is always eye opening for the client because we stop and listen to what the negative voice (aka – default setting/aka the “mean girl/boy” within/ aka the ego) is saying. This voice can be BRUTAL – or sometimes – as I experience quite a bit – it laughs at me. These negative voices were picked up all along our lifetimes (often times when we are children) and they are a tangible connection to how words carry a frequency. These words we listen to affect our state of being. Good words and truth raise us up. Negative words and lies bring us down. I get EXCITED about this step because I get to help my clients shine a light on these dark places. This is the first step of healing: AWARENESS. We go about our day listening to these voices and are not even conscious…until we are…and this is the beginning of the transformation. IT LIGHTS ME RIGHT UP TO BE A PART OF THIS PROCESS!!!

Once you have your negative voice you assign how you FEEL about what that negative voice is saying to you. This allows us to experience the adage that you have to “feel it to heal it”. This step makes my heart sing because it begins to dismantle the charge – when you can name something you can begin to gain perspective and a different level of understanding and awareness. This takes bravery and I honor the struggle of my clients (or myself) every time we get to this step.

Next we get quiet and determine WHERE in your body you are feeling the emotion that was just named. I know I keep saying that each step is my favorite…but this is seriously my favorite. LOL! This step demonstrates the truth that emotions literally get trapped in our bodies. They disrupt the normal flow of life force and blockages take place. I have to reign in how detailed I get on this step because WHERE we feel these trapped emotions tells a story all in itself. I love helping people understand WHY the emotion is trapped there. It seriously brings a whole new level of healing. THIS step helps people make that mind/body/spirit connection and that is such valuable insight. This awareness allows for self compassion to enter into those spaces. It allows for grace and healing.

OK! Now that we have activated multiple senses (and the body/mind/spirit are on board) it is time to access the memory complex. I encourage my clients to go back to a time when they FELT the same way. If you can tap into the feeling, the emotion, maybe the first time you heard that negative voice and where you felt that in your body – THAT is the memory. You have already dialed in to how charged it is and now have awareness of how much it really is impacting your thought processes. Some examples of memories have been: getting scolded for folding towels the wrong way, missing the bus on your first day of kindergarten, having someone make fun of you for reading a word incorrectly in 2nd grade, or some specific trauma that comes up time and time again. Again, the AWARENESS that comes with this step is so liberating – I always observe, honor, and hold space for each memory that shows up.

NOW we move onto the oils. As I mentioned – Dr. Perkus was intentional in choosing oils that have research based evidence for their impact on mood. Those oils are: Lavender, Frankincense, and Vanilla (found in Young Livings Stress Away Blend TM). You get quiet and you breathe in the oils directly into that memory complex that came up – which could be a snapshot or a movie playing out (sometimes there is no image and that is ok). You breathe into where you are feeling that trapped emotion, you breathe into that negative voice. Friends! It is amazing what happens in this step. I NEVER TIRE OF HEARING WHAT HAPPENS!!! Every client is unique but some of the testimonials I have heard are that the movie plays out in fast forward, or it literally dissolves, the trapped emotion moves or completely dissipates, new beliefs and truths are heard and understood, space is created where there was tension, and the list goes on. Occasionally emotions will intensify – but I love shining a light of hope into that because that is an indication to me that the spirit is ready to really do the work and be free from these burdens – and THAT is something to celebrate in my opinion!

We go through these steps until we get as close to 10 on that scale of 1-10 as possible and then we shift the energy to create an affirmation with an accompanying power pose…think Wonder Woman or The Statue of Liberty (this also has research based evidence) for shifting the energy and psyche. When you couple your power pose with a high frequency transformative essential oil you are able to create a NEW neuropathway in the brain and FAST! This my friends is neuroplasticity in the flesh. THIS is what renewing the mind looks like! The oils make this technique more effective and honestly FASTER than traditional brain retraining which can take upwards of 21 – 63 days. We recommend that people do this for 3 days following the initial session – twice a day for 2 minutes. Last but not least – you take this energy and you channel it into some action steps to move you tangibly forward to that goal or intention you set at the beginning. In essence you go full circle – but now you have gotten out of your own way and broken down the barriers and can create actual momentum.

So there you have it! The Aroma Freedom Technique in a nut shell. I learned about each of these steps over years of research and experiences but this ties them all up in an effective bow. It addresses my love for freedom, healing, the chakra system, essential oils, frequency, multi-sensory techniques, neuroplasticity, truth, light, grace, hope, transformation, redemption, vision, and purpose.

If you are reading this and you would like to experience this technique for yourself please know I would be absolutely honored to walk with you on your healing journey. I wholeheartedly believe that this technique is able to make space for freedom to enter. We are designed to live in freedom. Allow me to step into my purpose so you can fully step into yours.


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