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An Update & My Latest Learning Adventure!

Hi Friend! It's been a hot minute since I have shared here. So much has happened! Here are the highlights! 

My oldest daughter finished her first year of college as a student athlete! It was weird not going to all of her track meets since she travelled all over Southern California but I got to some and was so proud. Here she is with her "Louis Baton". She also decided on a graphic design major but also really enjoyed psychology. We had some really fun conversations while she was going through her coursework. 

Bella just finished track also (while also doing soccer at the same time) and crushed BOTH! Her 4x400 team got first place in their division at CIF Finals and her soccer team won their division as well and are headed to Colorado her the National Championship Tournament! It should be really interesting bringing a team of sea level So Cal teenagers to the Mile High City to play soccer. LOL Also - the doors open for conversations with coaches for possible soccer...

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Purpose is such a powerful word and driving force for me right now. I have done quite a bit of personal and professional development to really get clear on what my purpose is. I evaluate how I should be spending my time to ensure that I am living each day within my gifts, talents, and purpose. One tangible way that I actively shine my light is through walking myself and others through the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT). I am excited to share this with you and why I love it so much. Spoiler alert: it has bits of pieces of truths that have played a HUGE part in MY healing process.

This technique was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. He is a Clinical Psychologist by trade as well as a Young Living Essential Oils Leader. He intentionally chose bits and pieces from proven psychological techniques coupled with essential oils that have research based evidence to positively affect our emotional state. Fun fact: did you know that of our 5 senses – our sense of smell is the only one that...

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