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Friends! I run a kick ass Network Marketing Business. HA! I said it! I have been downplaying that for close to 5 years. I never wanted to be pushy or tacky or lose my people over it so I played small and sometimes even hid it. I woke up a couple of months ago and realized…I have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

*These oils and products have empowered me to make lasting change in my life and my family’s life. I can literally address 99.9% of the concerns in my house: be they mental, emotional, or physical.

*I am empowering others to do the same! Just this month (September 2018) My team has helped 232 people take ownership of their wellness and the month isn’t even over (As a whole we are at 3,949 members)!

*The financial blessings that Young Living has provided is nothing to be ashamed of either! Which leads me to a HUGE announcement I’d like to make…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! (It is absolutely beautiful! It has fireplaces and a HUGE tub and the office has the best views in the house!) This was a HUGE decision and I am not claiming to have bought it alone (mark my words…I will be paying it off) but my financial contribution was a factor and I am proud to say that if my husband got out of the military TODAY I would be able to cover our new mortgage payment. Since I mentioned income potential please check this out if you would like to see the numbers for yourself. I am currently a Gold Member with YL knocking on the doorsteps of Platinum and Diamond. https://static.youngliving.com/en-US/PDFS/incomedisclosurestatement_us.pdf 

*This opportunity has been a game changer in our lives. Our conversations have changed. Our dreaming and vision casting have changed. We have choices. We have options. We have freedom.

*So I am doing the opposite of keeping myself small. I am shouting this opportunity from the rooftops! In fact, tomorrow I will be at a Veterans Hiring Event! Yup! I will be setting up my table with the information and opportunity about how to start a business with Young Living right next to The Department of Homeland Security and General Dynamics! I will have my diffuser going, a smile on my face, and a pep in my step knowing that my opportunity is just as awesome if not more so since you get to do life on YOUR TERMS! What a blessing for these military service members and their spouses to be able to really experience freedom after sacrificing so much to keep us free. These are my people and a HUGE part of my passion! 

I am going to sign off with an excerpt from Marieanne Williamson’s Return to Love. I used to read this and feel pain in my heart that I was not shining my light, shame knowing that I was keeping myself small. Now I read it from the balcony of my lighthouse with a megaphone in my hand making sure everyone can hear me and know they are capable of doing the same. I’m giving you permission to do the same! 


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