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I am a SUCKER for personality tests. I. TAKE. THEM. ALL. I have this insatiable desire to understand myself and others. This February I was introduced to a personality profile that is based on your energetic blueprint called Human Design at an amazing retreat I attended hosted by a member in my Young Living Family. It was on the eve of my 40th birthday and such a beautiful way to usher in a new decade of life. The gifts that came with me taking a closer look at my Human Design chart are still rolling in. I am in awe at how accurate it is and how deeply it resonates. And you know what is amazing? All the info I needed to provide was when, where, and what time I was born. THAT’S IT! I will admit – some things are unfamiliar to me – such as the astrological symbols and meanings – but I am choosing to see all of that through a lens of learning more about how amazing God is when He placed the planets where they were in our Universe – it’s not a far leap for me to believe that those planets have an impact on how we are designed.

This is what my chart looks like – a little crazy, huh? LOL Let me highlight some of the things that grabbed my attention RIGHT away. First off – my type is a Projector….someone who is designed to guide and direct energy in a specific way…you know what that sounds like to me??? A LIGHTHOUSE!! Friends, as I mentioned – I just learned about my type in February of 2019 – I got my Lighthouse tattoo 3 years ago! Read more about that here. I also learned that Projectors are a NON-energy type. Can I just tell you that I literally burst into tears when I learned that? LOL. I simply cannot keep up with the energy types in my business and have always felt so much shame about that. I CAN work – but when I take it too far I end up crashing and burning because I am not designed to work for extended periods of time. This knowledge ushered in a wave of grace to my heart and mind – and I immediately called my friend who works with me (and IS an energy type) to tell her and we had a good laugh about this. As I mentioned this is an “energetic blueprint” and one of the layers is based on the chakra system – which I am a HUGE fan of! One interesting aspect of the Human Design Chakra system (pictured in the different shapes inside the body) is that it is based on 9 energy centers instead of 7. I look forward to talking more about that in the future. Some other nuggets that are in my chart are that I am an Investigator – DESIGNED to learn and study #allthethings, I am designed to tell my story, I am designed to be in sales, and I am designed to start a revolution. How awesome is THAT!?!


I have been nervous to share about these things because they are outside of how I grew up. I am here to tell you that many of the “new age” things I have learned are actual “old school” knowledge that can greatly impact how we live and function. They have played and continue to play a huge role in my healing process and I intend to start sharing more about this in the future. Which leads me to another nugget I have learned about being a Projector – I am not designed to reach everyone – I am designed to wait for an invitation by the people who WANT the information I am gathering and studying. This was immensely freeing for me – literally a 1,000 pound weight fell off of my heart when I heard that. So – I am going to be here, learning and getting certified in Human Design – because this is SUCH a powerful tool! It has created so much space and grace in my mind, body, and spirit and I intend to share this info with anyone who invites me so they can experience the same graces. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing to fully step into your life’s purpose with specific awareness of how you should be spending your time, how you should be making decisions, how you are influenced and how you influence others. So here I am inviting you to learn more with me – if you so choose.


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