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Summer is so nice they just had to do it twice! LOL! According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Calendar summer is broken up into two different seasons Early Summer and Late Summer. The element during this season is Fire…isn’t that appropriate? Let me run through the systems, emotions, and activities that will best serve your body during this time.

Each new seasonal shift offers an opportune time to cleanse the system. You have the option to press reset and prepare for what each new season brings. I start each seasonal support post with a suggestion to cleanse the colon. I want to address how important it is to have a COLON that is functioning and healthy. As we support these different organs and begin to cleanse them, they will be releasing toxins into the system…you do NOT want them to be STUCK in your body. So get the plumbing working well before you start on anything else. There are MANY colon supporting products that YL offers: Cleansing Trio, ICP, Digest & Cleanse, 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse, Comfort Tone, Life 9, Essentialzymes, Essentialzymes 4, and Detoxyme to name a few. Ok…detox disclaimer out of the way….moving on.

Early Summer Systems/Organs (June/July): Heart, Small Intestine, and Triple Warmer (Adrenal Glands, Pituitary Gland, Reproductive Glands, Thyroid)

Late Summer Systems/Organs (August): Pancreas, Spleen, Stomach To read even more about Late Summer Support

This is quite the list don’t you think? When you take a step back many of these systems have a direct connection to our immune system and our emotional well being (which also has a direct connection to our immune systems). In Early Summer you should begin to shift into activities that will best support your heart and digestion, they have a direct connection to one another in TCM. It’s Yang season to its time to MOVE! Sweat! Drink more water! Eat light, colorful foods that are easily digestible and grow in your local area (they will best serve you as they thrive in your current environment). It is actually easier to list the foods that should be avoided during the summer – those that create “dampness” or mucous (dairy, sugar, salt, beer, processed and fried foods) and those that create more “fire” like meat in excess and spicy foods.

Emotionally summer is an exceptional time to focus on growth, movement, balance, and clarity. This is a wonderful season to cleanse…in every way, emotionally, physically, and environmentally. Plan now for the slower months. This is a season of LIGHT! Seek clarity on matters NOW! Let the emotional “fire” of summer burn away anything that is no longer serving you. Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else? What is heavy on your heart? Now would be a good time to let that go, make a higher choice for yourself. What makes your heart happy? Do THAT! The heart is central – literally and figuratively – to living a vital, vibrant, and abundant life. Pay close attention to how it is functioning.

There are certain times that the specific organs are best supported. Put these on your radar and create a self care plan based around them if you feel so inclined (I have included some suggestions and affirmations*).

Heart: 11am-1pm Move! Get the blood pumping! Write in a gratitude journal. Apply Joy to your heart while speaking love and truth to yourself: “The heart is the wellspring of life” “I love others, others love me” 

Small Intestine: 1pm-3pm Take Mineral Essence or an Enzyme to aid the digestive system. Apply Harmony to your sacral and learn to listen and trust your “gut”. “I have faith, hope and clarity” 

Triple Warmer/Adrenals/Pituitary/Thyroid: 9pm-11pm Diffuse a calming oil, journal, read, sleep during this time. If your thyroid needs support take Thyromin before bed. Nutmeg is an excellent support to the adrenals. “I can speak my truth in love” “I am proud of who I am” “I have a balance of work and rest” 

Pancreas/Spleen: 9am-11am Consider fasting to allow the pancreas to rest during this time. Drink Lemon water, dry brushing. “I love life.” “Life is sweet to me”

Stomach: 7am-9am Consider fasting to allow the stomach to rest. Apply Digize, Surrender, or Harmony to the stomach (solar plexus). Learn to listen and trust your “gut”. “I choose trust” 

Reproductive Organs: 7pm-9pm Diffuse or apply Sensation, Highest Potential, or Forgiveness. Self love is as important as relationships with others. Check in to see how healthy both types of interactions are doing. “I love myself.” “I let go of the past easily”

Young Living Oils and Supplement Recommendations for Summer:

Cleansing Trio (ICP, Comfortone, Essentialzyme), 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse (Ningxia Red, Digest & Cleanse, Balance Complete), Life 9, Mighty Pro

Rehemogen, Mineral Essence, or any of the enzyme supplements to support digestion

Mindwise supports the heart and mind/brain

OmegaGize supports the heart and mind/brain

Thyromin: provides temporary support to the thyroid and adrenals. 

Oils: Digize, Peppermint, Citrus Fresh, Lemon, Joy, Harmony, Envision, Highest Potential, Mister, Sensation, Frankincense, Clarity, Endoflex, Nutmeg, Ylang ylang.

Here’s to a healthy, fun, and vibrant summer! 

*Primary resource: Ultimate Balance by LeAnne Deardeuff


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