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Here are my Confessions of a Worn Out Mommy. I woke up on Mother’s Day with every intention of having a lovely day. With David deployed I knew it wouldn’t be your Hallmark Movie Version of Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed and a day at the spa. However – I was ready for that! I planned ahead and picked up a meal that I would only have to warm up. What I didn’t plan on was washing a package of seaweed in a HUGE load of laundry. True story. Imagine little flecks of wet seaweed everywhere – I was basically a mermaid – which I found funny – at first. My humor quickly slipped away as other unplanned and unexpected things continued to roll in along with the constant fighting that has been happening between my children and I felt myself slipping down into the depths. While I was in the pit I remembered that a pretty huge trauma happened to me on Mother’s Day several years ago (which can happen when your vibration is low – your body keeps the score) and then I had a real choice: stay in the pit and roll around in the muck – or climb out of the pit. I chose to climb out – using some of the tools I’ve collected along the way. Borrow my tools if you need them! Here are the 7 things I did (and continue to do) when I am having a bad day.

  1. BREATHE! Pay attention to the feelings you are having in your body. They each tell a story. I acknowledged that the tightness and pain in my heart and lungs and took the time to take some deep breaths filling my lungs and heart with healing love and air and gratitude for making it through that time and the lessons that they brought.
  2. OIL UP BUTTERCUP! I grabbed my Aroma Freedom Technique Oils and literally huffed them in the drive thru of In N Out Burger (remember – I made a plan not to cook). If you would like to read more about these amazing oils and technique click here They really are a game changer and LITERALLY help you reset your mindset.
  3. GET OUTSIDE! Vitamin D has research based evidence for improving your quality of life. So we drove over to my MIL’s house and enjoyed the sun and her pool (win/win)- it was a quick and fun way to break up the work waiting for me at home.
  4. DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING! For me it was grabbing a few minutes to read. Reading always fills me right up and reading in the sun is my absolute favorite past time.
  5. HONOR EACH EMOTION BUT THEN CHOOSE THE OPPOSITE EMOTION. Newtons Third Law works for emotions as well: For every action (or e-motion = energy in motion), there is an equal and opposite reaction. We cannot control what happens to us be we CAN control how we respond. I chose to honor and acknowledge every feeling of sadness, frustration, or yes even pity that crept up within but then I let it move through me and chose to replace them with compassion for my friends who are single moms, hope for David returning soon, gratitude for the lessons I have learned from my traumas, and joy whenever I could grab some (which means I was looking for it – you should too).
  6. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF! Friend, listen to me. The time you want to crawl in a cave and not talk to anyone so you can lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself is the EXACT time you should reach out and make a connection with another human. I hopped on Marco Polo and chatted with a friend who was in a pit of her own. We laughed together and dreamed of a time when we could be in Bali together on Mothers Day. LOL! I also had family over for for swimming and dinner and it was lovely. Reaching outside of yourself is one quick way to heal from within. Also – don’t get me wrong. I am ALL FOR internal work – preferably with a therapist. I’m scheduling an appointment today in fact. You should too! LOL!
  7. STAY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA IF YOU NEED TO. I LOVE social media. I run my business and maintain some amazing relationships and connections there – however – when I am in a low space and I cannot show up with authentic joy for  my friends who were celebrating being mom’s I choose to stay off – and that is ok. I was missing my husband and going to shame that I couldn’t post a lovely picture of me and all of my kids smiling so I didn’t – and that’s ok. When shame creeps in I wake up and in order to be authentic to myself I chose to stay away from the interwebs yesterday.

It was an exhausting and emotional day – but I’m thankful for my family and friends and resources to make it through challenging days. I hope this will help you through yours!


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