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Here are my Confessions of a Worn Out Mommy. I woke up on Mother’s Day with every intention of having a lovely day. With David deployed I knew it wouldn’t be your Hallmark Movie Version of Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed and a day at the spa. However – I was ready for that! I planned ahead and picked up a meal that I would only have to warm up. What I didn’t plan on was washing a package of seaweed in a HUGE load of laundry. True story. Imagine little flecks of wet seaweed everywhere – I was basically a mermaid – which I found funny – at first. My humor quickly slipped away as other unplanned and unexpected things continued to roll in along with the constant fighting that has been happening between my children and I felt myself slipping down into the depths. While I was in the pit I remembered that a pretty huge trauma happened to me on Mother’s Day several years ago (which can happen when your vibration is low – your...

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